96 ACRES – Beautiful Farm With Ocean Views, Springs, Good Location, And Tons Of Possibilities!!!!




  • MLS: TIN106
  • Acres: 96


This 39-hectare farm looks like a Popeye arm ending in a hand with the thumb up, hence its moniker. Decades ago the 39-hectare “Thumbs up the Farm” was a rural Costa Rican homestead, with a functioning sugar press and a corral for animal husbandry. Make it yours and revive the homestead that once flourished here.

The farm has two springs, one in the west and one in the east. The farm is unusual in that it is in the middle of the mountains near La Florida de Baru, yet has some of the flattest and most usable land in the area. Most old cattle pastures have little topsoil left. The cows disturb the soil while grazing and torrential rains wash the soil down the valley and into the sea. Because the Thumbs Up farm is relatively flat, the process of erosion was much slower so it has much higher quality soil than most of the surrounding areas.

The northern border is a well-maintained public road stretching between the rural villages of La Florida and San Luis. This makes almost any part of the farm easily accessible with a short access road, vastly reducing development costs. The southern part of the farm ends atop a steep slope. The slope falls away to an alpine valley, giving the farm distant views of the Pacific Ocean and the Fila Costena mountain range.

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