14.8 ACRES – Extensive Piece Of Land Brimful Of Pristine Rivers and Forest!!!




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  • Acres: 14.8


Between the small city of San Isidro and the National Parks of Chirripo and Tapanti you will find LA ORQUIDEA ESCONDIDA ( THE HIDDEN ORCHID). This multi-characteristic and unique parcel of land is waiting to be explored by those that are drawn to the most inspirational elements that this beautiful country has to offer.

Situated over 6,000 feet above sea level you enter a unique eco-system where the forest of the lowlands transitions into a mixture of gourmet/specialty coffee farms, avocados, and mysterious ancient Cloud forest. This is where the purest of the water sources burst from the pristine mountains further above. The HIDDEN ORCHID is a property divided in the middle by a secluded river in Costa Rica, The Paramo River. This river, born not too far away, converges with a another mysterious river without a name. Both connect to create one beautiful flow of water. This convergence of water connects just before a special natural spring formation that flows from the primary forest above. This secret spring is born within the 6.14 acres of the forested portion of the property. Thick with ancient trees and orchids this pristine mountain spring is a breathtaking spectacle to say the least. Stand underneath the spring and you will feel revitalized.

In this area you may spot some wildlife such as a Tapir or even a rare Quetzal bird feeding on an old and rare Aguacatillo tree (the Quetzal’s favorite). The name Hidden Orchid comes from the fact there are some elusive and stunning orchids in the trees scattered on both sides of the river. The name of the property is an adulation for the array of beautiful orchids that can be found here. Some are even recently discovered species.

Due to it’s high elevation this particular zone is also incredibly unique in regards to the agriculture activity. Presently the property has several hundred producing blackberry trees that are native to the land. The blackberries are great for making jam, juice, BBQ sauce, and even wine. The soil is black and fertile and there are no signs of chemical usage in the soil. Many farmers in the area grow Hass Avocado and most prominently specialty coffee varieties such as Geisha (also known as Gesha), Caturra, Catuai, and other varieties that are known globally for being the best coffee in the world.

Besides the agricultural usage the other usable 8.6 acre portion of land can also be mixed in with a touristic approach. There are several ridges and flat areas with excellent views of both the Chirripo National Park and the primary forest directly across the river. The sound of the river can also be heard all year long. In these high elevation mountain settings a mixture between local hardwood, steel, and concrete would be perfect for construction, giving it a “modern mountain cabin” feel. Not to mention a heated jacuzzi and fire-pit with a bottle of wine would make it complete. Nearby areas such as San Gerardo de Dota have become very popular for tourists seeking more of the cloud forest wildlife and cooler temp experience. The Hidden Orchid would be an excellent spot for a lodge of this type and actually a lot easier to access than many of the other places in the region. Please inquire on the website to find out more about this special property. We look forward to your questions.


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