Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica

Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica

Costa Rica makes the perfect home away from home for many residents of the USA, and Canada. While many set up their base permanently, many people spend part of their year in Costa Rica, before returning home again. A great way to obtain residency status in Costa Rica is to purchase a house or condominium. As long as you return at least once a year to Costa Rica, you’ll be able to maintain this status. Your spouse, and your family will also be allowed to achieve residency status too.

Costa Rica 9.3has a warm climate which is perfect for people who need a retreat away from a bustling work environment. Life is slower and happier in Costa Rica. The climate invites you to rest and relax. Of course if you’re ready for adventure, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you and your children to enjoy. Costa Rica contains world class beaches along northern or southern coastlines. You can get away to relax on a lounge chair, or go swimming, or boating.

Many expats choose to make their home in Manuel Antonio, Playa Dominical, and Uvita. There are plenty of homes that your real estate agent can help you choose.One of the biggest decisions facing an American is whether to buy a house or a condominium. Each offers their own special benefits. A house is the same as back at home—it always requires more upkeep. But if you plan on spending the majority of your year in Costa Rica, and have a larger family, it may be your best choice.

Condominiums make the perfect choice for the single person, a couple, or a couple with only one or two children. There’s no need to worry about leaning the common spaces, or doing the gardening, as these are handled by the home owners’ association...1

If you’re planning on leaving your home vacant for any length of time, to return to home, or to travel, a condominium may be the best choice for you. You won’t need to worry about the upkeep of your property while away, as someone else will be doing it for you.

Another great option that many property owners in Costa Rica consider is renting their property while they’re back at home in the USA. Since home owner fees can accumulate even when you don’t live there, rental income can help cover these fees, and provide an income source. People who have residential status in Costa Rica are able to earn an income from their property, and it is considered tax-free.

Searching for real estate for sale in Costa Rica means that you can stop pouring money in a hotel or an apartment rental, which is much like a sieve for all your hard-earned cash. You can make an investment in buying a house or a condo, and benefit from the equity. Your dreams for living in a warm climate can be achieved more easily in Costa Rica.

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