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  • MLS: JAC046
  • Year Built: 2006


Discover the culinary jewel of Jaco, Costa Rica – Lemon Zest Restaurant.

For an illustrious 17-year journey, this fully-equipped, turn-key restaurant has reigned supreme as the epitome of fine dining in the region, captivating the discerning palates of both locals and tourists alike. Now, the time has come for this gastronomic haven to pass its legacy on to the next astute owner. This presents a remarkable opportunity for investors in search of a sound return on investment and a self-sustaining, well-established business. It also beckons experienced restaurateurs eager to bring their expertise and knowledge of restaurant management to the picturesque shores of Costa Rica. Notably.

Nestled along the Central Pacific Coast, Jaco never fails to astonish visitors from around the globe with its sun-kissed beaches, exhilarating surf, and vibrant nightlife. This coastal haven seamlessly melds relaxation with adventure, where you can bask in tropical sunshine, ride the waves, and explore lush rainforests teeming with wildlife. From exhilarating zip-lining through canopy treetops to embracing the “Pura Vida” lifestyle, Jaco embodies the essence of Costa Rica’s beauty and charm, making it the ultimate destination for unforgettable experiences and an exceptionally enticing locale for owning and operating a business.

Key Features:

Legacy of Excellence: Lemon Zest Restaurant has proudly maintained its position as the premier fine dining establishment for over fifteen years. Its reputation for exceptional cuisine, impeccable service, and an enchanting ambiance is unrivaled – a testament to its enduring quality.

Seasoned Professional Staff: The restaurant boasts a professionally trained staff, each certified by the Health Department as food service handlers. With team members dedicated to providing top-notch service, the restaurant’s commitment to excellence shines through its personnel.

Effortless Absentee Ownership: Demonstrating effective management, the restaurant thrives whether the owners are present or abroad, showcasing an exemplary model of absentee ownership at its finest.

Acclaimed Recognition: Lemon Zest has consistently earned accolades, with TripAdvisor repeatedly ranking it as their top recommendation. Frommer’s Travel Guide has bestowed upon it the status of a must-visit destination, further enhancing its prestige.

Inclusive Package: The buyer will receive a comprehensive package, encompassing food and liquor inventory, exquisite furniture and fixtures, a favorable 4-year lease, a revered brand name, 15 years of goodwill, and an established legal entity. The kitchen features industrial burners with a grill, ovens, a walk-in freezer, refrigerated prep tables, utensils, and everything needed to run this fine cuisine. The bar comes complete with a barista machine easily operated by bartenders and waitstaff, a beer refrigerator, and leased dishwashers.

Resilient Revenue: Despite a two-year pandemic-induced slowdown, Lemon Zest’s pre-Covid revenue has impressively rebounded, solidifying its status as a lucrative and secure venture.

Culinary Excellence: The restaurant remains steadfast in sourcing its ingredients from local providers, ensuring the highest quality of its dishes. This commitment extends to a selection of fine wines, contributing to the restaurant’s profitability.

Organic Advertising: Its reputation serves as its most potent form of advertising. Satisfied patrons eagerly share their extraordinary dining experiences through word of mouth, creating a captive audience within a niche setting.

Products & Services:

This establishment offers nightly dinner service complemented by catering options. Private events and delivery are also seamlessly accommodated. With professionally trained staff, exceptional cuisine, and an impeccable wine selection, guests are treated to an unforgettable dining experience.


The sale encompasses all equipment, food and liquor inventory, furniture, fixtures, and kitchen equipment. Intangible assets, including the trademark-protected logo and name, are included.


Situated on the 2nd floor, the restaurant offers air-conditioned indoor seating as well as two inviting outdoor areas. The restaurant features a meticulously designed kitchen and a contemporary dining and bar area with an eclectic flair, accommodating a total of 70 patrons.

Inquire Now:

Embrace the opportunity to own a thriving culinary legacy. This investment in Lemon Zest Restaurant awaits, poised to continue its tradition of excellence. Contact us today to embark on this extraordinary journey in the heart of Jaco, Costa Rica.

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