2.46 ACRES – Playa Dominical, Swim in the river, Walk to the beach, Skip to town, Water Concession Granted Recently!!!!



$239,000 /GREAT VALUE!!!!

  • MLS: DOM600EB
  • Acres: 2.46


Land Size: 2.46 acres

  • This provides a sizable and potentially versatile space for various activities or development.

Riverfront Location

  • 187 ft. of riverfront on the Baru River, offering scenic views and potential recreational opportunities.


  • Easily accessible with 2wd access, making it convenient for transportation and commuting.


  • Year-round stream on the border of the property, which adds to the natural appeal and could have ecological benefits.

Pre-Graded Home Site

  • The home site has already been graded for construction, saving time and effort for potential builders.

Expansion Potential

  • Lots of room to grow, indicating that the property has potential for further development or expansion.

Proximity to the Beach

  • The ability to walk the river road to the beach or take a short bike ride on flat ground adds recreational options and enhances the property’s appeal.

Safety from Flooding

  • Positioned well above the flood plain, ensuring safety from potential river floods.

Wildlife and Teak Trees

  • Abundant wildlife on the property adds to its natural charm, and the presence of harvestable Teak trees could have economic value.

Privacy and Seclusion

  • Despite being close to the center of town, the property is described as private and secluded, providing a balance between convenience and tranquility.

Situated on a generous 2.46-acre plot, this property boasts 187 feet of riverfront along the scenic Baru River Road, offering not only picturesque views but also the potential for various recreational activities. With convenient 2wd access, the location is easily accessible. This hidden gem features a year-round stream bordering the property, enhancing its natural appeal. The home building site has already been graded for construction, streamlining the building process. Ample room for expansion adds versatility.

The proximity to the beach, accessible via the shaded and pleasant Baru River Road is a nice walk or a short bike ride on flat ground to the surf of Playa Dominical and the center of town. This privileged location contributes to the property’s recreational value.

Notably, the site is safely elevated above the floodplain, ensuring protection from river-related risks. The property’s charm extends to its abundant wildlife and the presence of harvestable Teak trees, adding both ecological and economic dimensions. Despite its closeness to the town center, the property maintains a sense of privacy and seclusion, making it an attractive and well-rounded real estate opportunity.


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