Dominical Costa Rica: The Surf Capital and More

Dominical Costa Rica Real Estate

Cloud forests, magical waterfalls, wildlife, and raw beaches, striking sunsets, wildlife, open-minded friendly people, incredible breaks, relaxed vibe, describe Dominical, Costa Rica.  There are few places in the world that can top the natural beauty, ideal laid back lifestyle that Dominical offers. It is the gateway to the southern zone, which is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world as well as a world-class surfing spot. Some people describe the southern zone as the edge of the world. It is a place untouched by industrialization. It’s where people come to escape, re-charge and reflect.

Dominical Costa Rica Real Estate

This beach front town is famous for its year round waves. Playa Dominical is the main break here. The town itself is just a tiny main street. For a long time, this little town in the Southern zone was one of surfers’ best-kept secrets. It’s a little bit of paradise off the beaten track where surfers flock to year round. Inevitably, wherever the surfers go, attracts the attention of other travelers. Surfers have opened up many undiscovered and uncharted territories around the world to other travelers. Over time, many of these remote areas eventually become popular destinations.

Dominical, Costa Rica until recently was very difficult to access due to poor road conditions and lack of a nearby airport. With improvements to roads taking place, and now an airport scheduled to service the southern zone in the works, it is on the radar for savvy buyers looking to purchase property in Costa Rica. The rustic nature of Domincal, Costa Rica is attractive and draws a certain type of visitor and expat- one with an adventurous spirit.

Dominical Costa Rica Real Estate

The pristine environment and warm culture draws surfers and eco-tourists. It’s also a center for wellness with lots of yoga and various types of holistic health practitioners mixing with the local culture harmoniously. Vegan, raw food, and juicing are common here. The laid back, low-key vibe attracts people seeking a more sustainable lifestyle. Expats come here to escape the hectic pace of life one must maintain to keep your head just above water in major western cities. In Dominical Costa Rica, there is time to reflect and just be. You aren’t fighting to survive on a daily basis here. This place offers a high quality of life and an abundance of natural beauty. It’s a place where people can focus on their spiritual, mental and physical well-being and live fully.

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