146 ACRES – World Class Waterfalls, Ocean Views, Vast Pastures and Forests!!!!




  • MLS: TIN065
  • Acres: 146


Finca Diamante Vida stretches for a kilometer along the Rio Diamante – a world-class waterfall wonder. There are three distinct, perfectly private, world-class waterfalls, each with its own swimming pools, and all of them bordering this amazing property. The beauty of these waterfalls cannot be exaggerated. The pictures above are fine, but they do no justice to the impact felt by swimming or even sitting in their presence.

Of course, with such a spectacular river comes all sorts of freshwater sources. This farm has two epic springs, abundant with fresh water even in the driest of our dry seasons. But, of course, the big question these days is does the farm have legal access to water. The farmhouses and cabins are connected to the San Salvador ASADA and permits can be obtained for construction based on these connections. There is electric service as well, of course, and there are great options for high-speed Internet.

The farm is located in San Salvador de Tinamastes. The location puts it right in the center of the Tinamastes valley, just 30 minutes from Dominical, 35 minutes from San Isidro, and 35 minutes from Uvita by driving up over the ridge and down through Escaleras. It is just a short walk from the famous Nauyaca waterfall which is on the nearby Rio Barucito, but honestly, the waterfalls on this farm are just as spectacular…but perfectly private.

The custodians of this farm, for over 20 years, have maintained it without any use of synthetic chemicals. The fertile soil of this farm, well known in the Tinamastes valley, hosts hundreds of fruit trees, large scale vegetable gardens, acres of sugarcane, acres and acres of a cow pasture for milk cows, and then leaves tons of space to live your dreams.

The forests are a mix of primary and secondary. Along the river, making up about 25% of the farm, are primary forests with huge trees attracting wild animals who also come for the water. Another 25% of the farm is an old-growth secondary forest that is – I am guessing – about 50 years old. The remainder is pasture, fruit orchards, or gardens and crops.

There is a modest three-bedroom “tico” style home, two tourist style rental cabins with distant ocean views and spectacular sunsets, a worker’s bunkhouse, and several corals and out-buildings.

Currently, the farm is managed by three Ticos who have been involved in farming this land for years. Domingo, the head honcho, is an incredible asset to the management of this farm. He would love to continue his involvement in its management if possible. There are very mature fruit trees and a new mix of young fruit trees recently planted by the current custodian. He has packed the farm with an amazing array of almost every highly desirable fruit:

  • Grapefruit 10
  • Avocado 10
  • Limones muchos
  • Mangosteen 10
  • Maimonides 15
  • Zapote colombiano 2
  • Mamon corriente 1
  • Breadfruit 10
  • Star fruit 10
  • Banana 100
  • Half a hectare of banana squared
  • Noni 5
  • Jocote 2
  • Níspero 5
  • Guanabana 10
  • Orange 20
  • Coconut 20
  • Water Apple 5
  • Guava 10
  • Mango 10
  • Manga 10
  • One hectare of sugarcane
  • One hectare of special grass to feed the cattle during the summer

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