44 ACRES – Versatile Development Property Near All The Amenities In San Isidro!!!




  • MLS: SI120
  • Acres: 44


This incredible offer includes a property located around Palmares de Pérez Zeledón, San Jose, the second largest city in Costa Rica (with a population of 130,000) and at an elevation of over 690 meters above sea level. This property offers great convenience while feeling like a world apart from the hustle and bustle of big cities. With a vast expanse of 17.75 hectares (43 acres), it boasts a privileged location just meters away from the Inter-American Highway, ensuring easy access and excellent visibility for any type of venture.

One of the standout features of this property is its convenient proximity, just a 10-minute drive from the city center. This means that residents or employees can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside without sacrificing the convenience of having all the services and amenities of the city at their fingertips.

Additionally, this property is in close proximity to a wide range of essential services such as schools, colleges, clinics, and various social points of interest. This makes it an ideal option for those looking to establish a business in a high-traffic and commercial area.

The versatility of this property is truly captivating. With its ample space, it is perfect for developing different types of commercial ideas such as a condominium, a residential complex, a country club, a company, or factory, and it even allows for the option of subdividing the property into different lots to maximize the offering. The possibilities are endless, and this property provides the ideal space and location to bring any vision to life.

Furthermore, being located in one of the most important valleys in Costa Rica, known for its rich and productive soil as well as abundant water, this valley has become the epicenter of a natural, organic, and sustainable intentional living community. Embracing several small Costa Rican agricultural villages, this area combines the best practices of permaculture and sustainability with the successful agricultural practices that have been in place for centuries here with our native Costa Rican neighbors. It is important to highlight the richness of the soil on this property, as it has the capacity for planting and harvesting different products characteristic of the area, such as sugarcane, coffee, and various fruit crops. Those interested in agriculture or agribusiness will find this property a perfect place to cultivate and harvest.

In summary, this property is a highly attractive and versatile commercial opportunity. With its strategic location, it presents itself as a solid investment with great growth potential. The next steward of this magical land will undoubtedly appreciate the beauty, power, and energy that this area offers.

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