175 ACRES – Corcovado Beachfront Acreage With Eco Lodge!!!


Golfo Dulce


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  • MLS: GD003
  • Living Space: 701,651 sq. ft.
  • Acres: 175


Formally the site of the Corcovado Tent Camp, this unique property boasts 701,651.91 m2 of lagoons, brooks, rain forest, and cloudy low‐altitude forest, as well as beach bordering with the Pacific Ocean. The Peninsula of Osa is the home of the Parque Nacional Corcovado (Corcovado National Park), one of the places in the planet with greatest diversity, a park that was very accurately described by National Geographic Magazine as the “most biologically intense place on Earth”. Walking around you can see several types of indigenous animals of the zone, such as lazy bears, monkeys, coatis, and scarlet guacamayas. Besides the trips in the park, visitors to this zone may enjoy the generosity of the ocean with scuba and snorkel trips or sports fishing tours.

Over 500 tree species have been identified, as well as 140 types of mammals, 367 of birds, 40 of sweet‐water fish (river), 117 amphibians and reptiles, and an estimate of approximately 6000 species of insects. Corcovado’s climate is generally warm and very humid, with approximately 711 cm. of rain every year. The dry season normally lasts from the beginning of December until April.

The property also has the following:

– Available to construct approximately 5% of the total area, that is, about 3,5 hectares of (35,000 m2).
– Flat area, about 2 hectares, located in zone adjacent one part to the sea and the rest in the higher part of the hill. A strictly flat area does not exist.
– Availability of water: the water that is born in the hotel is the water that is born in same property, by means of its own stream.
– Regulating Plan: From the landmark 150 meters inside. The rest of the property is subject to National Regulation, in zones where there is no Regulator Plan, up 10% of the area may be constructed, since it is a piece of land inside the Golfo Dulce Refuge, a handling and sustainability plan approved by MINAET and SETENA should be available to ask the Municipality for permission. There are many constructions in Osa that have followed this regulation, including several hotels.
– Primary forest, estimated in 80%, the rest was a tacotal (green area of growths) that was regenerated and that seems primary forest.
– The same concept of “Legendary Service, Unforgettable Memories”, enjoyed by our guests in Monteverde Lodge and in Tortuga Lodge, was developed in Corcovado Lodge, easily distinguishable from other hotels in the Peninsula of Osa.

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