Organic Gardening Costa Rica

Organic Gardening Costa Rica

Organic Gardening Costa Rica

Many homeowners in Costa Rica are interested in gardening both edibles and ornamentals to beautify their property and provide access to healthy, fresh food. Numerous houses in Costa Rica are located on lots of an acreor more, where there is plenty of room for gardening. With a year-round growing season and the potential to grow a wide variety of foods, from bananas to kale, Costa Rica is an excellent place to have a garden. Interest in organic gardening in Costa Rica is growing as people learn more about the dangers of non-organic pesticides and fertilizers.

Gardening is a great pastime for many ex-patriates living in Costa Rica. A beautiful organic garden adds value to a property. Gardening offers a wonderful opportunity to spend time outdoors, and it’s a great activity for the whole family. It also can teach responsibility to children and encourage healthier eating. Some ex-pats are hobby farmers, growing vegetables and fruits for themselves, and perhaps offering excess produce for sale at one of the many local farmers markets to earn a bit of extra income. There are also numerous small farmers in the area who make their living selling produce at these farmers markets.

There are many delicious foods you can grow that do well in Costa Rica’s climate. Some popular choices for vegetables are sweet chile peppers, basil, cherry tomatoes, and pumpkin squash. Many gardens in Costa Rica include fruit as well, such as bananas, pineapple, and watermelon. A number of herbs and medicinal plants grow well in Costa Rica too, including noni, turmeric, and moringa. Flowers are a beautiful addition to any garden, and an incredible variety of gorgeous tropical flowers thrive in Costa Rica. Some plants are both beautiful and edible, such as Jamaican hibiscus, a plant with attractive flowers that can be dried and made into a delicious tea.

Interested in gardening yourself?

If you’re interested in gardening on your property in Costa Rica, you may want to consider building a greenhouse. During the rainy season, plants are inundated with water and many cannot survive. A greenhouse will allow you to regulate the amount of water your plants absorb, extending your growing season. You may also want to consider building raised beds or supplementing the existing soil. Many parts of Costa Rica have depleted soils as a result of past clearcutting, but over time, you can build healthy soil again. Composting is a great way to recycle organic waste from your property and use it to create a rich soil additive.

For the last few years, an organization in Tinamastes called Vida Auténtica has been teaching local farmers how and why to grow organic. Vida Auténtica offers assistance to local families to grow organic produce and sell it at the organic farmers market held every Tuesday morning in Tinamastes. The organization also offers organic gardening classes in English and Spanish, covering topics like composting, seed starting, and pest control. These classes are very helpful for anyone who lacks experience gardening in a tropical climate.


Organic products have become more readily available in the Dominical area, in part because of the increased interest in organic gardening in this part of Costa Rica. A natural food store, Mama Toucan’s, has recently opened in Dominical and offers numerous organic options. There are also three farmers markets in the area where you can buy organic produce, dairy, meat, and prepared foods. Local nurseries sell organic soil and compost, but it is still difficult to find organic seeds in the area.

A healthy lifestyle is popular in Costa Rica, and organic gardening in Costa Rica is growing as a result. This country has some of the longest lifespans in the world today. Many may attribute it to protected national parks, good healthcare, and access to plenty of healthy food that is free of preservatives and artificial additives – like the food you could be growing in your own organic garden. For anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle, Costa Rica is an excellent place to retire, relocate, own investment property, or even just take a vacation. Contact Dominical Real Estate today for more information on properties for sale and vacation rentals in the Dominical area.

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