Costa Rica Real Estate

The Benefits of Buying Costa Rica Real Estate for Sale

Costa Rica is situated between the Caribbean to the east and the Pacific to the west. This means that the country has a large coastline where you can build your dream house or business, or start your life anew. Currently, many investors are looking for Costa Rica real estate for sale mainly due to the luxury these properties offer at an affordable price. If you’re looking for beautiful real estate in a country with a booming economy, our real estate agents are ready to show you a market like no other.

What is it with Costa Rica that many people – foreigners and locals alike – find appealing? The country’s real estate market gets a big boost from its protected natural areas, as well as beautiful beaches where most of Dominical Real Estate’s properties sit. The country and many of its coastal communities are quickly becoming a prime getaway for tourists and expats. Costa Rica is a peaceful country along the Caribbean where nature parks and wildlife areas make up 35 percent of the land.

Costa Rica’s Natural Attractions

One of the major reasons people are looking for real estate for sale in Costa Rica is its proximity to natural attractions and wildlife. Whichever way you look, trees, hills, and pristine water are everywhere.

The government’s efforts helped preserve the significant stretch of forest land that forms the center of Costa Rica’s ecotourism industry. The balance between economic development and keeping the environment healthy is exemplified by the dozens of homes and businesses located along the country’s pristine coastline. Careful property planning allows us and our investors to strike the perfect balance between urban development and the preserving natural assets of the country.

Given its booming ecotourism industry, the country invests heavily in the protection of its natural parks. With this, Dominical’s Real Estate listings benefit from the steady development of properties without destroying the surrounding natural attractions. That’s why you can enjoy your vacation home along the coast surrounded by an endless expanse of trees and fresh air.

The Dominical Real Estate Advantage

Tourists, businessmen and the locals themselves are unable to turn away from the rewards Costa Rica offers. We at Dominical Real Estate make sure that we attend to all our clients’ needs in finding or selling their land or their dream home.

Choose from selection of Costa Rica real estate for sale located across the country’s coastline. These areas are perfect if you want to enjoy some privacy or capitalize on the business of providing a safe and enjoyable vacation house. There’s plenty of land to go around, but they’ll be gone fast if you don’t move right now. Drop us a line so that we can help you secure a place in one of the most peaceful countries in Latin America.